New Tarot Cards!

First of all, it’s pronounced Tare-OH, the second T is silent people!! Whew, after getting that out there, I feel much better. So in my faith dedicated to wicca and witching, I have discovered I am a natural at divination tools. I have had my oracle cards for about 3 months now, and earlier today I took my little behind over to Barnes and Noble and finally invested in some Tarot Cards. So far, I have done no readings, and have just admired, and viewed every card by itself. Hopefully, I will be able to start forming a connection to them soon. If you’re interested in seeing my decks, I have posted info below about them!

-Blessed Be!


Angel Tarot Cards

Fairy Oracle Cards

Discovery of the Singing Bowl

So I know I have written a post in a VERY, ahem, very long while, however I can explain! I’ve recently had many ups- and-downs. Ranging from the loss of my beloved Cadbury to taking on a third job… Sigh, life hasn’t been easy. However, during this period of uncertainty, I have finally come to and announced my faith of Paganism, more specifically wicca. I will explain this all in a later date, however I feel I should share this amazingly relaxing music I have found to meditate to. Enjoy!

5 Perfect Holiday Additions!

So I always am browsing Pinterest… Check out my latest finds!

I love when the holidays are kept with cheer, especially with fun accessories, decor, and packaging.  Can’t forget amazing gift wrap!!

1. Adorable Free fonts from She Uncovered.

2. Abominable Snowman Christmas Sweater by Elves Gone Wild on Etsy.

3. Fabric Garland by Brittany Estes. So easy, just geta half yard of 6 different Xmas Fabrics from Jo-Ann Fabrics and slice them up!


4. Christmas Window Garland with ornaments by Vintage Wanna Bee!

5. Silver and Black Gift Wrap from Tres Divin!

Pattern Splurge!

So starting tomorrow, December 4th, Jo-Ann Fabrics is having a sale on Patterns! Vogue for $4.99, McCall’s for 3 for $5, and Simplicity $1.99 each. I always stock up when pattern prices drop this low, check out what I’m picking up this weekend!

Simplicity 1294 -4 Capes (I’m thinking Cosplay potential!)

Simplicity 1254- Has 2 Coat Patterns, I adore the red one…

Simplicity 1375- I just love Summer Dresses….

McCall’s 6965- Can’t go wrong with some classic high wait shorts!

McCall’s 7047- I adore these holiday dresses!

Vogue 1428- I will probably never get to make this dress however I love love love it and must add it to my collection!

So what will you all be picking up at your local Jo-Ann’s this week? Did I miss anything absolutely extraordinary!? Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Just a friendly reminder

As Black Friday dawns upon us, it is ever clear to me that people are not people these next few days. As a retail worker, I experience swearing, yelling, complaining, etc. On a daily basis, however these next few days it grow exponentially worse. Please remember this Black Friday that sales associates do not make the sales, do not control the sales, cannot adjust the prices, and cannot offer special discounts. Please remain cordial, for we have been standing 10 hours dealing with unruly customers and lacking sleep from cleaning up the stores the night before. Maybe you worked retail once and know what it’s like. Just try to remain human this Black Friday, as no TV is worth a persons life.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

5 Things to Spice up Thanksgiving

So I’ve been really excited for Thanksgiving this year, and I’ve decide that there are quite a few fun things that are floating around for free on the internet to make Thanksgiving super fun! I do not own any of things posted here, I am simply posting these amazing ideas that are my favorites!

1. Thanksgiving Nails from @Polish&Pearls

2. Thankful Crescents from @From Glitter to Gumdrops

3. Pumpkin Pie Cookie Slices from @Sugarbelle

4. Turkey Toes Gift Bag Printable from @C.R.A.F.T.

5. Adorable Utensil Holders from @Craftaholics Anonymous

So there is our round-up of some of the easiest things you can do to spice up this Thanksgiving! Whether your a crafting pro or just starting off, these ideas are so simple and easy that anyone can do it! I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family!